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Kristen Bentson

Marine Nutriceutical Corp. offers BioMarine™ Liquid Fish Oil

August 28, 2003, Mt. Bethel, PA - Demand for Marine Nutriceutical Corporation’s new bottled BioMarine™ Omega-3 Fish Oil has taken off to the point where its affiliated manufacturing partner, Napro Pharma, has had to invest in a new higher speed bottling line at the plant in Brattvaag, Norway. Pharmaceutical grade BioMarine Fish Oil is manufactured according to pharmaceutical protocols in a pharmaceutically licensed facility.

“A year and a half ago we sampled our natural lemon flavored BioMarine Fish Oil at SupplySide East, principally for the purpose of letting brand marketers smell and taste our great tasting oil, not with the intention of selling a liquid fish oil. While we knew we had an exceptional product, we didn’t anticipate a crush of orders for our oil in bottles. All of the sudden, we were receiving orders for bottled fish oil rather than finished capsules,” said Bruce A. Miller, Jr., Executive Vice President of Marine Nutriceutical Corp.

Miller went on to remark, “what we are hearing from our customers is that consumers like the product because of its excellent taste and smell and because it enables them to consume therapeutic amounts of fish oil without having to ingest huge amounts of soft gelatin. On a comparative basis, liquid represents an excellent value story to the consumer”.

Each batch of BioMarine Fish oil is extensively tested by an independent laboratory and is free from detectable levels of heavy metals, pesticides, PCBs and dioxins. BioMarine Liquid Fish Oil, which is bottled in Norway, is offered in bottles featuring a convenient pour spout. The fish oil goes straight from production to bottling, where after the bottles are filled, they are blanketed with nitrogen and capped. Unrefrigerated and unopened, shelf life is 24 months. After the consumer opens the bottle, it should be refrigerated and used within eight weeks.

Marine Nutriceutical Corporation is a producer of quality remedies from the ocean, primarily focusing on Omega-3 fatty acids derived from fish oils as well as lesser-known compounds such as shark liver oil and squalene. Marine’s quality assurance, quality control and manufacturing processes are guided by a commitment to superior standards in accordance with cGMP. The management of its raw materials is strictly controlled, and products are carefully processed for maximum efficacy. Additional information on Marine Nutriceutical Corporation can be found at:

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